Template Plugins

Note that template plugins are not available for external template engines.

You can call external applications as template functions. gnorm provides a helper function for calling external functions called plugin.

Take for instance the following template extracted from the tests.

{{plugin "nix" "echoPlugin" . }}

The snippet says call plugin nix and pass echoPlugin as the first argument, we refer this argument as a function call on the plugin, and then pass the current context to the plugin.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a commandline executable with the following properties

  • Accepts a function name as the first argument.
  • Receives context in json format from stdin i.e it reads the context from stdin
  • Writes the processed output to stdout in json format

The context sent to plugins are of the shape { "data": SOME_VALUE} where SOME_VALUE is any valid json object. It is up to the plugin author to decide how to handle the shape and form of data.

The output should be in the same format as input. The plugin can exit with non 0 status and anything written to stderr will be included in the error message when executing templates.


Set PluginDirs configuration value to the desired directories for plugin lookup

## Add this to gnorm.toml
PluginDirs = ["/path/to/plugin/one" , "/path/to/plugin/two"]

So, say you call plugin foo, gnorm will look for foo binary in the specified directories.The lookup is done in the same order as the directories are specified.